Reflective Journey

This land art installation consists of two primary elements: a trio of doors salvaged from the aftermath of the February 2023 earthquake in Adiyaman, Turkey, and a set of three mirror panels. These components come together to create an immersive experience that challenges and transforms the viewer’s perspective. Those standing on the right side encounter a linear arrangement of three closed doors, evoking a sense of barriers and limitations. Conversely, individuals approaching from the left are met with a distinct viewpoint—a harmonious alignment of three mirror panels that seamlessly reflect the beauty of nature.

This installation encourages viewers to reflect on their own interpretations of reality and the dynamic role they play in shaping their perspectives. It serves as a metaphor for the resilience and adaptability of those who experienced the earthquake in Adiyaman. Just as the installation transforms from closed doors to a reflection of nature, so too do individuals adapt and find new perspectives amidst the challenges and upheavals in their lives. In this way, the artwork pays tribute to the indomitable spirit of those who, in the face of adversity, seek solace and renewal through the lens of resilience and hope.

MediumInstallation, Land ArtLocationCommagene Land and River Art BiennialYearSeptember 2023 / Turkey

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