Dance of Tree

Abedinirad’s work for LAM re-contextualizes elements that were once adapted and adopted from East Asian traditions into Iranian art. A Sheet of transparent while fabric placed around a tree catches the shadows cast by the branches as the tree moves in the wind. The wind catches the screen also, and its movements form a counterpoint to those of the branches above, creating a dance choreographed by nature.

The Artwork provided the artist with an interaction with the environment in a rhythm of repetition and continuity. Her viewpoint is that of the audience, with nature as the performer: a merging of her subjectivity with that of the surrounding natural world. As she says: ‘I am involved in silent dialogue with nature; a dialogue with a mighty presence that was beholding me.’

Prince Claus Fund’s support

Event5th Land Art Biennial LAM 360° – WHO ARE WE NOW? MediumLand ArtYearAug 2018 / Mongolia


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