The Sky is mine

The Sky is Mine is a land art project by Shirin Abedinirad, which is now the part of The Absence of Paths curated by Lina Lazzar for Tunisian Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia. The Absence of Paths is an integral component to the physical pavilion in Venice, the online platform is a democratic space to showcase contributors’ thoughts and perspectives on migration.

“Where I am, let it be so The Sky is mine.”
Sohrab Sepehri (1928-1980)

The land on which I realise my dreams, is replete with hopes and despair for me, even though it destroys my mountains to build high-rise apartments in the heart of the mountains. They cut trees to build roads for the vehicles whose lives are becoming shorter with time. Every morning on this very land, there is news about the death of dozens of children, animals and humans and each death news howls with hope. On this land, among stony paths and vast deserts, I am seeking a place that would be a window of life full of hope and delight. On the gloomy paths before me, I am looking for skies. Throughout the dark clouds, I am searching for a comforting blue which is the liberation from my bitter moments on the land that I love. I know that some people sieve dreams and impose the realities on me. However, I will bring my dreams from the sky to the land.
Shirin Abedinirad
tae Absence of Paths: “The Sky is Mine” – New Work from Shirin Abedinirad by Chantelle Lamoreaux

MediumArt Direction, DesignYear2016

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