House in the Wind

As an artist I do not have a studio and most of the time people are asking me to visit my studio and I am saying I do not have any. It is unbelievable for them but not for me. Because my artworks for me are not completed without nature and I cannot bring nature to my place. So I want to bring my art to nature who is my partner. When you say nature, usually people imagine a forest, a jungle or a green land where they can lay down on the shadows of the trees, listen to the bird’s song. For me desert is a world most pure place where I can talk to nature soul and have a long conversation with. There is no bird to listen to, but there is a wind that plays a beautiful symphony. Nature is inspiring for me and most of the time I am going alone there and I am sitting and starting to talk to it.

My studio in desert does not have a roof or borders. I can always watch sky, clouds, sun, moon and starts. I have a door, which is open to anyone in the world. I have no cloths in my drawers but I have sky inside of it. I have gramophone that I am playing the mirrored vinyl with it, which contains no sound, but it is reflecting the sky and you can hear the winds sound. I have a dry tree that I brought life to it with a carpet; carpet is the symbol of paradise. I have cage that does not have any birds inside, the door is open and I have a piece of sky in my cage. I have a Howz which is bringing water to the desert but reflecting the blue sky above me.

Producer: Nikon & Mini

EventNikon & BMW MiniMediumLand ArtYearOct. 2017 - Released on Mar. 2018 / Morocco


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