In the barren embrace of Tehran, a staircase of reflections rises, a tangible echo of Rumi’s whispers on the wind. “Beyond right and wrong, there is a field. I will meet you there,” the poet said, and here, between the earth’s dusty pulse and the sky’s endless sigh, that field unfolds in steps of glass. The stairs, half-buried, half-reaching for the heavens, are a bridge of light and shadow, each mirror a page upon which the sky writes its fleeting poetry. As one shadow basks in the light and the other flirts with the dark, they dance a duality, a visual verse spun from the loom of illusion and reality. This land art is not just a mirror to the world but a doorway, inviting the sojourner to ponder the unseen, to step within and rise beyond, ascending on reflections into the silent conversation between the soul and the infinite. Just as Rumi’s words transcend time, these mirrored steps transcend space, crafting a dilemma not to be solved but to be experienced, a meditation on the beauty of the ephemeral, the depths of reflection, and the luminous pathways of the spirit.

MediumInstallation, Land ArtYearJuly 2022 / Iran

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