Translucent Metamorphosis

Sea glass along the coast caught the artist’s eye. She was inspired by the way sake bottles can turn into glass stones. A great number of fishing nets had been preserved at the venue, a former storehouse for fishing supplies. Abedinirad hung these nets from the ceiling of the storehouse and placed pieces of broken sake bottles on them. The light hitting the glass makes the space sparkle like a chandelier. Reflecting the ever-changing nature of life, this work is an opportunity to consider the ephemerality of human existence.

Artist Statement:
“Translucent Metamorphosis” is an immersive installation that draws inspiration from the captivating transformation of sake bottles into glass stones. The installation, situated within the intimate space of a fisherman’s house, invites viewers to witness the profound beauty that emerges from the process of metamorphosis. Suspended from fish nets delicately hung from the ceiling, the broken sake bottles take on a new life as fragments of glass stones, showcasing the power of transformation and the poetic allure of imperfection.

Above the suspended bottles, a carefully positioned light source casts a mesmerizing spectrum of colors onto the floor, creating a captivating dance of vibrant shadows. The interplay of light and shadow adds an ethereal quality to the space, enticing viewers to explore the intricate details of the installation. As the colorful shadows shift and evolve, mirroring the ever-changing nature of life, the installation prompts contemplation on the ephemeral and transient aspects of our existence. “Translucent Metamorphosis” celebrates the transformative power of time, reminding us of the inherent beauty that arises from embracing change and finding solace in the delicate and delicate imperfections that define our journey.

MediumInstallation ArtLocationOku-Noto TriennaleYearSeptember 2023 /

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