Mirror of the Heart #2

The door does not expect to be an entrance to a new or unknown place to us. Its function is to make us stop and, once it has captured our attention, to show us the past so we analyse our behaviour.
When we stand in front of it, we find ourselves facing “our selves” and the landscape that’s behind us. In a way, a reflection of our immediate past, of what we just experienced and maybe didn’t know how to appreciate. This reality stands in front of us, confronts us and makes us reflect on our way of passing through life. This way, the door becomes a mirror of our hearth and eases the possibility of change.

Last five photos are taken from the Instagram account of audiences who visited the Andorra Land Art Biennale.

EventAndorra Land Art BiennaleMediumLand Art, InstallationYearJune 2019 / Andorra la Vella, AndorraLinklandartlexviral.com

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