Dear Meteoroids

My soul has been exposed to danger during my lifetime, which made me fragile. I have tried to ignore the menace of these dangers and to watch the world with the dreams of calm human and far from worries of destruction, but every time I have been reminded of an incident that it is not possible to be tranquil. I have tried to cleanse myself from fears and despair, to polish my soul, not to be angry, not to be bitter and live with hope. I polished my soul and made such a mirror. Sometimes I was broken, and I looked around the world through my mirror and I was broken again … This time I took a deeper crack in the continuation of the previous one. I love these cracks because they change my image of the world.

Sometimes a disturbing imaginative is intimidating me. I feel it in the unknown volume on top of my head. Sometimes this imagination is so small that one can ignore it, but the repeated influx of that world cuts me in pieces; it breaks me and does not leave me. Sometimes I impose my great reality upon myself, and I see my survival in resistance, and I stand to stay. In any case, my life is not safe from the invasion of stones of existence. I was never worried about the massive meteorite attack on my house and life. Meteoroids have treated us more kindly until now. I have been always worried about the mornings that from a very close, near, completely anonymous place, a polished stone will fall on my life.

MediumInstallation, Land ArtYearNov 2018 / Tehran, Iran

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