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A video-installation for the memorial of the two atomic attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
A second was sufficient to reach the zero degrees of humanity.
A second was sufficient to hear the most terrifying sound of the century.
A second was sufficient for the hands of all clocks to stop.
Abstract time is being stopped. The very riotous second that has been imprinted on the mind of modern man forever. The riot whose representation is beyond the capability of any writing tools or images. The image of the world changed forever after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki disasters. As a result, a new fear came into existence. Now with the evaporation of the memories, we have passed many years from the nightmarish degree of that time, however, something agitating and visual continues to grow in us. How long will the war mentality of humankind continue to exist? And when the humankind will put it head on the peace pillow. We do not know! Nevertheless, we will keep alive our hope in mind, in social and cultural actions, and on the planet earth.

Music: Excerpts from “Sonata II for Piano and Persian Instruments” composed by Alireza Mashayekhi, performed by Farimah Ghavamsadri and the Iranian Orchestra for New Music. From the Album “Celebration” (Hermes Records) Remixed by Ramin Sadighi

EventTehran Peace MuseumMediumVideo Art, InstallationYearAug 2012 / Tehran, Iran


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