Tide #2

In this installation I have been inspired by Persian poet Attar who in his masterpiece Mantiq al-Tayr (The Conference of the Birds) introduced seven steps of mysticism: the Valleys of Quest, Love, Understanding, Independence and Detachment, Unity, Astonishment and Bewilderment, and Deprivation and Death. The search for truth and the process of self-realization explained metaphorically in this book.

This installation art consists of seven wooden doors which are buried in the sand from which they are gradually emerging. Inside of each door there is a mirror which reflects the video of the Caspian Sea, as well as the image of the audience who are standing in front of it. These doors resemble Attar’s Seven Valleys, which are generally accepted as stages of human desires, as well as the characteristics required to transition from these valleys. The audience also will be required to move through these doors in order to see the complete image of themselves in the last door.


EventON THE EDGE OF SENSES - Times Art MuseumMediumVideo-InstallationYear6 Jul - 12 Sept 2022 / Beijing, ChinaLinkwww.timesartmuseum.com


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