The Sky is Mine #2

What I have presented in “The Sky is Mine #2”, is a thematic plan of simultaneity which has the lifespan of a human life. Immigration or enforced exile into which travelers go is almost always an escape from an unpleasant place that they carry a suitcase in which their interests are gathered to a very small extent. The situation is painful and extremely bitter: getting away from home and being a traveler with a suitcase which is an instrument of our life. Perhaps the main dependence of every immigrant and traveler during the irreversible departure is the attachment for the land in which he grew up and took root, but many things force him to be torn apart.

In this performance, my suitcase is full of the soil of my country, poured on the soil of another land in which I roll, but I have the sky and the mirror with me that have a long life in human history: if the first man saw the sky in clear water, I too see the sky today which is a collection of my hopes for light and life. The mirror, the sky, the soil, and this time the suitcase, reflecting the plight of thousands of migrants in our war-torn region, have now been added to the concepts of my works.

Photographer: Peter Rosvik

EventLive Action Performance FestivalMediumPerformanceYearJun. 2019 / Gothenburg, Sweden

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