WeTransfer Shirin Abedinirad I never work with men actually, I find female curators and gallerists to be more serious by Sahar Esfandiari

L’ADN 5 green artists inspirants à suivre sur Instagram by MARGAUX DUSSERT


HOKKFABRICA Art on Earth:在茫無人煙的角落留下痕跡,以天地山河為畫布的大地藝術家

tribute to Magazine Visual artist Shirin Abedinirad – a powerful woman composing artistic installations by emma

Babel Tower

WIRED 8 Remote Works of Art We Insist You Track Down by Liz Stinson

WIRED Watch a Pyramid of Mirrors Morph Based on Desert Weather by Margaret Rhodes

WIRED JAPAN カビール砂漠に現れた「鏡張りのバベルの塔」

DEZEEN  Babel Tower spins to reflect Iran's desert landscape by Dan Howarth

COLOSSAL Babel Tower: A Kinetic Mirrored Ziggurat Reflects the Surrounding Iranian Landscape by Christopher Jobson

Culturetrip   This Artist Makes Mirrored Towers To Create Epic Optical Illusions by Olivia Costanzo

IGNANT A Mirrored Tower Of Babel Installation by Anna Ker

Journal du Design Babel Tower par Shirin Abedinirad

Fubiz  The Mirrored Babel Tower



SATURDAY PAPER Scavenging art for Landfall: Lorne Sculpture Biennale by Gabriella Coslovich

THE ABC NEWS Virtual iceberg off Victorian coast features in sculpture festival by Cameron Best

The World News Review: Wander a magical path at the Lorne Sculpture Biennale

Designboom these TV screens may actually show you something real for a change: self reflection by Zack Andrews

FLOORNATURE Revision, a site-specific installation by Shirin Abedinirad / by Christiane Bürklein

dis-up! Shirin Abedinirad revela la naturaleza en movimiento a través de reflejos en pantallas retro de TV

MaxiTendance Pyramide de Postes de Télévision pour une Installation d’Art by Zack

VIRTUTE Revision, des écrans télé pour reconnecter l’homme à la nature by Nina Vathelet

Fubiz Nature Reflection in Televisions

Forté Lorne Sculpture Biennale, Victoria’s largest public outdoor sculpture event by Daniel Jubb  

Collarter.al Revision, reality reflected in Shirin Abedinirad’s televisions by Giulia Ficicchia

Plain Magazine Shirin Abedinirad creates a pyramid of TV sets that reflect real life by Kala Barba-Court


Mirrored Ziggurat

The Sydney Morning Herald  Underbelly Arts Festival: Iranian artist wants viewers to take a good long look at themselves by Nicholas Adams-Dzierzba

URBANIST  Disappearing Architecture: 15 Mirrored Buildings Distort Perception by SA Rogers

Open City Project Top 5 installations of 2015 by Niki Angelis

COLOSSAL A Ziggurat of Mirrors by Shirin Abedinirad Connects the Sky and Ground in Sydney by Christopher Jobson

Fubiz Mirrored Ziggurat to Connect The Earth and Sky

WIDE OPEN COUNTRY This Amazing Mirrored Pyramid Brings the Sky Down to Earth by Lorie Leibig

Heaven on Earth

CASA VOGUE  O cenário espelhado da artista iraniana by Luisa Cella 

COLOSSAL Mirror Installations by Shirin Abedinirad Reflect the Sky in Stairs and Desert Dunes by by Christopher Jobson

MY MODERN MET Iranian Artist’s Mirror Installations Symbolize the Relationship Between Humans and Nature by Anna Gragert

Vanilla Magazine A Treviso la Scala a Specchio di Shirin Abedinirad riflette il Cielo come uno Specchio d'Aqua by Annalisa Lo Monaco

MNN Stroll across the sky in these dreamy mirror installations by Catie Leary  

Eleven and a Half Hours

KQED Arts  Making Iran and Oakland Feel Like the Same Place by Eda Yu 

DISSOLVE SF  Shaghayegh Cyrous with Kathryn Barulich and Christopher Squier (time/difference: Part I)

Passage Video Art

BBC  آثار شش زن ایرانی در نمایشگاه بینابین در نیویورک

FINANCIAL TRIBUNE  NY to Host Tenets of Iranian Video Art 

The Sky is Mine

tae  Absence of Paths: “The Sky is Mine” – New Work from Shirin Abedinirad by Chantelle Lamoreaux 

FINANCIAL TRIBUNE  NY to Host Tenets of Iranian Video Art 

House in the Wind

TRENDLAND ‘House In The Wind’ by Shirin Abedinirad by Anna Khitrina

The Colonial Foundation of the Humanities 1st Edition

by Siraj Dean Ahmed (Author)

Cover photo: Shirin Abedinirad

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN-13: 978-1503604025

ISBN-10: 1503604020

Exposition Review Vol. II: “Surface”

is all about perspective. Full of unique voices and blending genres, this issue is a close examination of the superficial and the sublime, of the hidden depths and delicate tensions inherent to the human experience. Together, the works presented in “Surface” take us through the looking glass, on a journey to unusual places and liminal spaces—a journey we’re looking forward to making again and again.

International Kunst Heaute 2016

Autors: Ingrid Dr. Gardill, Martina Kolle

© IKH-Publishing

ISBN-Nr.: 978-3-9816595-2-8

TRENDS Magazine 2015

Article: Tina Thakrar